Vaporfi Discounts 2016

Vaporfi Discounts 2016
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Here’s the latest Vaporfi coupon codes, promotions and discounts for July 2016 for e-juice, starter kits, all hardware and free shipping!

Save 12% On All Vaporfi Hardware

This is good for all hardware, such as mods, vape pens, starter kits, tanks and batteries!
Never Expires

Save 12% On The Pro 3

Never Expires

Save 12% On The Rocket 3

Price is $79.19 after discount
Never Expires

Free Shipping On Orders $100 Or More

Use this promo activation for free shipping on all orders over $100
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Buy 3 E-Juice And Get 1 Free

Just add 4 e-liquids to the cart, and the discount will be applied!
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Save 12% On The Custom Vaporizer Builder

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Save Money With Savvy Vaping

Cigarettes cost money: lots of it. The average price of a package of cigarettes is about $10, with lows at about $6 and highs of roughly $14. The only other costs related to smoking apart from buying analogs are the purchases of matches or lighters and the occasional ashtray, although that’s not taking indirect costs into consideration. There is no price one can put on the health of a smoker and of those who would inhale his second-hand toxins.

Save Money With Vaporfi

discountSmokers save money by shopping in states where the price of cigarettes is lowest, but it never becomes a cheap habit. Expect to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on cigarettes annually.

You might have met someone who successfully quit smoking by diverting money for “smokes” into a jar and watching the cash mount up until they had saved enough for an overseas holiday or the down payment on a new car.

It is unrealistic to expect someone addicted to nicotine and the motions of smoking to quit, even when faced with the positive reward of a vacation or more reliable vehicle. More realistic is diverting at least some of that cash towards nicotine replacement.

Vaping Costs

You may not realize huge savings at first. There is a learning curve to vaping which involves trying disposables that cost about as much as a packet of cigarettes and could last as long. They might not. You will probably try several different ones to land on a flavor, throat hit, and vapor level that really impress you.

A contingent of consumers will use disposables initially as an alternative to smoking. They located items of varying nicotine levels and in lots of flavors: e cigs and e hookahs. Some will even gradually reduce their nicotine levels also, which you can do with vaping products, since they are sold with varying levels of nicotine, and they may even try to use them less, for extra savings as well.

Many consumers will switch to vaping more permanently; however, they can still save money. They just have to graduate from disposable e cigs which are both expensive and wasteful to rechargeable products.

Mini Cig Solution

A disposable is a form of mini cig; a device designed to look like a real cigarette and feel like one when you hold or puff on it. For realism they can’t be beat. Cost-wise, though, rechargeable mini cigs aren’t the cheapest option.

Batteries and cartomizers (cartridges containing e liquid) are frequently expensive. It’s possible to spend as much money on low-powered, short-lived batteries and cartridges as you spent on cigarettes.

Consider these methods of saving money even at this basic level. Locate coupon codes found on e cig forums and blogs. Brand sites also list these and provide savings on a first starter kit. If you remain a customer, companies usually provide points to encourage customer loyalty. Join the home-delivery program and place bulk orders on cartomizers. Affiliate programs pay out real money which you could spend on e cig batteries and cartomizers.

The best way to save money with e cigs is to use blank cartomizers and refill these with e liquid. You’ll make a mess at first, but once you get the hang of it, the cost of vaping will come down considerably. Also, use manual batteries which don’t remain on standby, wasting power all the time.

Graduate to More Power

VaporfiMini cigs are low-powered items and require constant recharging. They are not the cheapest way to start vaping, especially if you are shopping for a top brand like South Beach Smoke, VaporFi, V2 Cigs, etc. There are some which are pretty cheap such as Smokeless Image, for example, but overall this is an expensive method of replacing nicotine.

Of course we created this website to offer Vaporfi coupons to offer you additional savings. There numerous ways to save through Vaporfi, and they sometimes run additional promotions, for when you sign up with their emailing list. Keep an eye out for discounts there, and there are additional ways, such as joining their Blend Of The Month Club, or the Home Delivery Program.

Move up to eGo or EVOD type e cigs. Their batteries are bigger, for sure, but you will soon become accustomed to them. Tanks or clearomizers are also larger and hold more e liquid at a time.

These are all operated manually, so the battery is activated only when you press a button. While the cell is capable of more power (from 2 to 3 times as much as a cigarette-like battery when replaced by a 650-mAh eGo), it will also cost less. Just be sure to shop with an all-purpose vendor.

These stores carry 650-mAh batteries for less than $20: from $12 and up, generally. Several of the major e cig brands charge more than that for their 240-mAh analog-style batteries.


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